Leikin Ltd.

"Nothing would be done at all if one waited until one could do it so well that no one could find fault with it".


Get going


Starting a company is not an easy task.

Most important is to get started.

If you do not start up you do not get anywhere.

Just do it. It’s all about confidence and belief in your idea, and getting the first results to keep spirits high.

Leikin is helping start-ups. We offer years of experience starting new companies, ensuring you do first things first.





Control the process



Once started the way to success is all about choosing the right direction.


Very often such choice of direction can be driven by the available resource or by lack of same.


Leikin helps young companies decide on the right direction and can supply the sparse resource, funds, consulting, strategic ping pong, or some temporary help in the packaging column.


We have been there and have the experience and the capital to share your risk..


Focus, focus, focus


There comes a time in the development of every company where the going gets tough.


Leikin seeks contact to people who are even tougher and who can handle some hard time.


Our promise is that we will share the hard time and work with you to ensure maximum possibility for success.




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